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    Have you ever bought (or wanted to buy) a phone system or other phone equipment and had absolutely no idea how to find, install, upgrade, maintain, or repair it, and did not know where to go to find help? Or are you paying way too much to a local installer or tech because you don't have competitive pricing? Then, was created for you. allows you to search for Technicians in your local area for installation and service needs.

    Please understand that some techs can service more than one system or application, so please consider the level of expertise of the tech. If they try to go beyond their area of expertise, please verify their capacity to handle it. Be sure to ask the tech company for references or other verifying information.

    What can phone techs do for you?
      Phone techs will install, upgrade, maintain, and repair any traditional phone and voice-related communications devices and systems. These systems and devices include PBX Phone Systems, regular single-line or multi-line phones, voicemail, Centrex, teleconferencing, headsets, music on hold, voice cabling, phone jacks, paging systems, outdoor ringers, and more.